Got sidetracked a bit…

We played a Halloween gig in October. It was a blast. But very time consuming musically as I didn’t know most of the tunes, having been sheltered only playing progressive rock for years. The band members are great and I like contributing however I can to the tunes.

Yep, that’s me on the right dressed as a Gypsy Pirate pretending to be a bass player. My therapist had a field day with this one!

therapist: how does it make you feel to be dressed up as a pirate?

me: gypsy pirate

therapist: whatever. How did it feel to play bass as a gypsy?

me: uh, gypsy pirate…

therapist: sure, whatever.

me: how does it feel to pretend to be a therapist that never dresses up?

therapist: you may have bass player trauma.

Which after that comment, I left the session. I KNOW I have bass player trauma. Not need to rub it in. I guess the point here is I was working on tunes and put URONEPROG on hold. And I’m back! Now when we get together we only learn a few tunes instead of trying to cram the entire catalog of music into a couple of rehearsals. Hopefully, while I adjust my bass guitars with a few major needed tweaks, I can finish the few tunes required to round out the EP. Until then, here’s a couple of short videos from the Halloween gig.


Almost Halloween!

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  1. Mystery

    who is that HOT bass player? and …nice videos😉

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