Wow, it’s been awhile. An update is needed just about everywhere. Let’s see, around xmas eve I received a gift which sent me to bed for the next 2 weeks. The weeks after were spent recovering, gaining my strength back. Which in itself was fraught with danger.  I could barely stand and basically tripping over my feet just trying to walk to the kitchen.

Fully recovered and back to my old playful self, I started up the studio gear and after 2 notes shut it down. Could not focus on anything. So, decided to give music a rest for another few weeks.  Being in bed all day, I’ve been catching up on tv series which as it turns out is making me sick in a different way. I start watching a show and less then 10 minutes in, a “woke” agenda rears it’s ugly head. I think about cancelling all tv and just focusing on music but I really like the Star Trek series on Paramount for now. So, until they go “woke” I am keeping Paramount. About the only thing I’ve watched that was not infested with woke crap was the new Top Gun, Maverick movie. Loved it. Just pure movie making at it’s best. 

I’m just about ready to continue working on tunes again. But it makes me wonder how historically, with the lack of proper medical care and miracle drugs, the talented artists of old were able to function? When they got the flu, it would knock them out for months at a time! Geesh, I’m feeling fairly blessed having access to supermarkets, plumbing, sanitary water, washing machines for my blankets and clothes, refrigerator to keep food from spoiling, central heating (Expensive now!) to stay warm in winter, water proof roof to keep the rain out, a vehicle for transportation, coffee maker that continues to work with the abuse I put it through. Did I mention coffee? I really like unleaded coffee the best. Don’t like the caffeine jitters much.

As I started to function again, I made the mistake of reading various news websites. Which made me sick all over again. “Woke” should be classified as a disease. I’m not getting on a soapbox because this site would be consumed with my never-ending thoughts of how we are fooled and steered into directions better left alone.  But hey, now that I am somewhat recovered, I can turn off the news, the tv, the radio and just concentrate on making music. In a way, I’m avoiding the big bad world by focusing on tunes. Who knows how much time I have left on this plane of existence? Might as well spend it doing something I feel is right and helps the earth spin. Because music does just that. Brings tears of joy, healing energies and soulful reminders we are visitors to this time period.

Enjoy the world and consume coffee!