Month: May 2020

another update – or just some thoughts

So, these last few months have been difficult. At the beginning of the year, I was going to finish fixing up my house and possibly move to another state. Also I had planned on working on the last 2 tunes on the CD to finally complete it. But none of my aspirations were quite realized.

With the lock down in place in IcontrolyouFornia, I lost focus on what was important. Since my job was considered “Essential” I didn’t get that much needed space to work on the tunes. But now I think I have a handle on things. Which is why I have been updating the site as well. On my personal site, I made a few lyric videos out of tunes I had done almost 30 years ago! What a blast it was as well. You can see them at the links below.

This got me thinking: Why not make one from the new CD and post it on the URONE youtube page (which is not live yet!)?

Maybe soon…

updated the entire site

Well, it’s still the same content of course. But I moved the site from one of those website builders that you have to pay quarterly for – which doesn’t work for me as word press offers even more options along with plugins that make it super simple to edit and update! This also keeps things in line with my personal music and news site –

I am still learning the power that’s included with word press – it’s nothing short of amazing what can be done! Hopefully, I will be able to spend more time refining this site to make navigation for you much easier and more direct as time goes on.


current musings

Slated for release in first half of 2020 – UPDATE April 2020: Lot’s happening at my personal news site. Adding blog content and some CD info. Working on finishing the last 2 tunes and getting the artwork lined up. I am no longer updating my original site. It will remain up until I can figure out how to move all my sites onto one server. Until then, if you came here from the new site, you’re up to date.

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