“I bet you thought, we couldn’t do it…” (shamelessly taken from a Gentle Giant tune)

Back again. Starting to work more on finishing tunes. You would think this is something very easy to do. Life, has a way of getting in the way of… Life. No complaints. Just happy.

Joined MeWe recently. Not because it’s better, or privacy related issues, but mostly because FaceBook has become something different than when I joined. Granted, I never did much there and although I planned too, apparently I missed the boat. Which turns out to be a good thing as the drama with FaceBook was not something I was interested in. Which turns out to be a good thing!

After joining MeWe, I posted for a guitarist to perhaps write a solo for a tune in the wings that’s almost finished. Sure enough, I found one that’s quite good. I’m appreciative that he’s even taking a stab at recording a solo and even if it doesn’t work out I’ll be posting a link to his tunes and playing. He’s quite good. For the moment he’s working on a few different leads and will let me know when finished. Until then, I wait.

So, MeWe is cool. Still has drama as the CEO says he’s not for free speech. But, hey, it’s miles beyond what FaceBook has become.

Stuff in the works for now…