So, lot’s of things happening. Well, a few things to be sure. First, I noticed the website was not displaying properly. That was not good. I tried explaining that to my critters and they cocked their heads from side to side like an understanding was forming in their tiny  brains. But when I asked “what have you just learned?” they ran off looking for cookies and lizards. Maybe I was being too optimistic or just ignoring millions of years of evolution. Don’t know. 

I moved on, not wanting to dwell or contemplate the universe and instead went about finding the issue on the website. After updating all the plugins, removing ones not being used, making sure the latest version word press was installed, it still didn’t work. Fortunately, I had a backup from a month ago. Yay! I restored the earlier backup and presto chango, everything worked again. What had gone wrong? I saved the bad website to peruse at a later date. In the meantime all is good!

I finally got the rest of the artwork back for the CD. This means I can finalize the tunes and upload everything for mastering and printing. Well, when I am cash solvent which should be at the end of October. Who knew it was expensive to make your own CD’s and Vinyl Records? Well, the company that makes them does… (smile)

During this time I joined a local cover band in my area. The people are great and I am enjoying playing with them. Soon to play live as well. It’s good for me as I am very rusty at playing cover tunes and just in general. Everyone is patient with me as I get up to speed. And it’s way different from what I normally play, not being progressive. Who knew 4/4 time signatures could be so hard after playing 7’s, 11’s and 5’s? (Big Smile)

This is the closest the CD has come to being done. Sadly, Doug’s dad passed a short time ago. His mom will get to hear it, although his dad was the musician of the family.  I never knew it would take this long to finish. And to be sure, I had to split it into 2 EP’s for now. But hey, what is that cliche? Better late than on time? Or something like that.

Stay frosty and until the next update