Progressive Rock…


Doug Goodwin: keyboards, motivation
Carl Jasper: guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming

Guest Musicians:
Danny Loi: guitar lead on: “Want Me Now”
Jeff DeYoung: additional drums on: “Finale, Five to Four” and additional vocals on “Want Me Now”
Bill Forth: guitar atmospheres on: “Five to Four”

Jimmy Youngman: (of EGO X BAND) guitar solo on: “Finale” 


Public Plane
Want Me Now
Modernos factory
Oso Be The Moon
Five to Four
Go Figure
Melody’s Theme

Slated for release in first half of 2020 – UPDATE DEC 2019: Lot’s happening at my personal news site. Adding blog content and some CD info. Working on finishing the last 2 tunes and getting the artwork lined up. I am no longer updating my original site. It will remain up until I can figure out how to move all my sites onto one server. Until then, if you came here from the new site, you’re up to date.

Agoura – Part One

Bringing an old tune forward. Totally fun! Still more to go with the music, but thinking of eventually adding this as the last track on the cd as a mystery item. Also, have a newer part 2 for the next cd. Yay!


Agoura – Part Two: Here’s an early preview…