Progressive Rock…


Doug Goodwin: keyboards, motivation
Carl Jasper: guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming

Guest Musicians:
Danny Loi: guitar lead on: “Want Me Now”
Jeff DeYoung: additional drums on: “Finale, Five to Four” and additional vocals on “Want Me Now”
Bill Forth: guitar atmospheres on: “Five to Four”

Jimmy Youngman: (of EGO X BAND) guitar solo on: “Finale” 


Public Plane
Want Me Now
Modernos factory
Melody’s Theme

Kalani Part II tentative song list:

Five to Four
Go Figure
Oso Be the MOon

Slated for release during (TBD) – UPDATE July 2023: Life has a mischievous way of changing the outcomes of day to day projects. This one is no exception! But always getting closer. Just had a guest musician on “Finale” play some guitar riffs. Please click Jimmy’s link above to listen to some fabulous music. I appreciate the time he spent, only meeting over the internet when he replied to a message I left, asking for a guitarist to play on the above tune. Just made a fun video with “Public Plane” using “Public” domain and royalty free video clips. Had a blast doing it. Will be posted here soon and on the upcoming “Rumble URONE” channel. Hopefully, updates will be more frequent now. The best plans of mice and men – (smile).

Artwork for the CD and Record are being finalized as I type – next step is mastering the songs.

Agoura – Part One

Bringing an old tune forward. Totally fun! Still more to go with the music, but thinking of eventually adding this as the last track on the cd as a mystery item. Also, have a newer part 2 for the next cd. Yay!

Agoura – Part Two: Here’s an early preview…