Although sometimes I think I’m not sure where here is. I have been working on other projects. Just not this one. Why you ask? (You didn’t ask? smile) You would think I had more time since our wonderful (sarcasm) lockdown started. Instead, I ended up working more. AND…there were more chores to do as well around the house.

I have been spending some time repairing old amplifiers like the Harman Kardon 330a and the Five Twenty (to drop a few names…) That has kept me from wigging out. It’s hard to work in the field when no one will let you in to repair whatever issue they have. So, lot’s of driving with very little work.

But all things must pass…and now that my schedule will be more stable, I can get back to finishing the last recordings. However, I seem to have forgotten how everything is wired along with all the buttons. The hundreds of buttons. So many buttons. Geesh, and to think I used to know what they were all for.

Like riding a bike I hear. You never forget. Tell that to my very small brain.

More soon…